Qaid Holman

Qaid studied single-subject Art Education. Thanks to this fact, he found his individual art style. Fascinated by new techniques and innovative approach, he brings the new way of thinking also to his pieces. By pushing the limits he creates the unique interior design solutions and also his own original artworks.

His work is focused on wall design, interior design, paintings and creating design objects. Using his own know-how and combined techniques obtained during the practice abroad, each piece of his art is original.

Holman’s brand was established with a simple vision – to create a better place to live. Not by adapting one piece to the interior, but by adapting the whole interior to one piece. To live in the environment which is inspiring and fulfilling.

Every new piece is a challenge. And there is only one solution – THE ORIGINAL.

Holman’s philosophy

Art was created to make this world better, much more beautiful, smarter.

The art has the power to change, the power to bring things to life. We are here to make things happen. Having spent a long time watching how things work, now it’s time to use our know-how. We draw on our experience to make the world around us more interesting and inspiring for life.

Knowing our power, knowing the power of art.